Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I become a member of IxESN Wageningen?
    1. Fill in the online membership form and come by the office to get your ESNcard
        (bring €10.- in cash).  
    2. Come by the office to fill in the membership form and get your ESNcard
        (bring €10.- in cash).  
  • How do I register my ESNcard?
    Go to and register yourself. Afterwards, you can add your ESNcard (by the barcode number) to your account (>> my account >> edit). If you already have an account you can simply add a new card.


Please, visit for all your questions concerning the discount with RyanAir. A step-by-step explanation is given on how to use it!


  • Where can I find the period schedule?
    Visit our website, you can find the schedule on the front page. Furthermore, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for regular updates on our events.
  • How do I prove my ESN membership?
    Make sure you always bring your ESNcard with you to our activities. This is your proof of your ESN membership!
  • I bought and paid for a ticket for an activity but cannot join anymore. What should I do?
    It is your responsibility to resell your own ticket. The person you sell it to has to give us your name at the event itself. If there is a price difference (member and non-member) this has to be paid at the event.
    Sometimes there is a waiting list when the attendance fee is not paid yet, this will be announced on the Facebook event and website. If this is the case, you can email to see if there is anyone on the waiting list you can pass your ticket to.


  • Do I have to bring my ESNcard to the kitchen to receive my discount?
    Yes! We only give you the discount if you are able to show us your ESNcard completely filled in and with a picture on it. If you are a member and are not able to show your card, we, unfortunately, have to charge you the full price.

  • I can not come to the kitchen anymore but still have my ticket. What should I do?
    Unfortunate to hear you can not come to our kitchen anymore! You will have to find a replacement for your spot yourself. This person will have to give us your name at the entrance, this way you will not end up on our blacklist.

  • I bought a ticket from a member/ non-member which I am not, what should I do?
    This is no problem. At the entrance, we will ask you for your ESNcard. If you are in the possession of an ESNcard, you will be charged the member price. If not, you pay the full price of the kitchen.



  • What is the blacklist?
    The blacklist is a list where you end up when you register for a paid activity and do not show up. An example of such an activity is an international kitchen.

  • I received an email about the blacklist but I did participate in the event. What should I do?
    Send an email to

  • How do I get off the blacklist?
    You get off the blacklist when you pay the amount of money you initially had to pay for the activity. You can come by our office during office hours to do this. Click here for our address and opening hours.



  • How do I rent a bike?
    You can pick up a bike at our office during opening hours. We charge a fee of €2.- per day for Non-members and €1.50 per day for members.
    You will have to pay a deposit of €60.- (in cash) which you will get back upon the return of the bike.

  • Can I reserve a bike?
    Unfortunately we do not put a hold on bikes, you will have to come by the office on the day itself to see if there are any bikes left.

Any suggestions for new FAQ's? Feel free to let us know!