From 2019 onwards, the Integration Committee will take care of all projects within ESN Wageningen that have to do with the people from Wageningen. Such SocialErasmus projects aim to give the international student the chance to give back to the society they are temporarily part of. The very first project that we will be launching is the 'Walk with the Elderly'. We, as students, are in the position to give elderly people in Wageningen the chance to go to Wednesday's market again. This little trip formerly was part of their weekly schedule, but lack of staff forced the carehome to cancel it. Each last Wednesday of the month, we will therefore re-introduce this event! Eventhough this event will only take place once a month, it can make a huge difference in the daily lives of these people. 
In the future, we will try to set up many more activities alike, including a range of different people in Wageningen. Since we are still in the exploration phase of what possibilities are ou there, we will have to have a lot of brainstormsessions in which will share all our ideas. Then, it is all about contacting the right people in the right places to transform these ideas into reality! Would you see yourself contributing to this process? Please email who you are and why you would like to do this to